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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042


The Inova Fairfax Hospital Advanced Endoscopy Center is the first of its kind in Northern Virginia and has been nationally recognized for quality and excellence.

Led by our team of board-certified gastroenterologists, the center provides state-of-the-art endoscopic services to diagnose, evaluate and treat many digestive disorders.

As a provider of specialized gastroenterology diagnosis and treatment, Inova Fairfax Hospital has been consistently named a High Performing Hospital in the DC metro region for gastroenterology and GI surgery by U.S. News and World Report.

Meet our team of GI and endoscopy specialists

Our Services

  • Accurate diagnosis of cancers of the digestive tract including the esophagus, stomach, colon, pancreas and bile ducts
  • Precise measurement of the extent of digestive cancers (staging) to help develop individualized treatment plans
  • Diagnosis and treatment of all forms of pancreatitis
  • Diagnosis and management of gallstones of the bile ducts
  • Diagnosis and management of Barrett’s esophagus
  • Endoscopic removal of digestive cancers diagnosed in their early stages (mucosectomy)
  • Endoscopic treatment of digestive cancers through laser-activated chemotherapy (also known as photodynamic therapy)
  • A full range of advanced options for diagnosis and treatment of heartburn (gastroesophageal reflux disease)


Outpatient Procedures

Inpatient Procedures