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Inova's Genetic Programs

At Inova genetics, we provide comprehensive care for patients and families with known genetic or suspected genetic disorders, both rare or more common. We offer genetic evaluations to help patients and their families find a diagnosis for their condition, understand their diagnosis, and coordinate management.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, we see patients from all age groups, including newborns, children, adults, and pregnant women. We offer several specialty clinics for in-person consultations as well as telemedicine services at the following locations: Inova Fairfax Hospital, Inova Schar Cancer Institute and adult and pediatric outpatient clinics.

Girl blowing bubbles in field.
Medical Genetic Counseling

For children and adults with inherited genetic disorders, birth defects or suspected genetic syndromes.

Pediatric and Adult Medical Genetics
Mother and Daughter snuggling.
Inova Cancer Genetics Counseling

For individuals who are concerned about their personal and/or family history of cancer.

Inova Cancer Genetics Program
Happy family enjoying each other.
Inova Cardiovascular Genetics

Working with individuals and families to assess their risk for cardiovascular disease.

Inova Cardiovascular Genomics Program
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Adult Neurogenetics

Testing to confirm genetic links to neurological conditions including dementias, movement disorders and more.

Adult Neurogenetics Clinic
Pregnant mother holding belly.
Pre-Conception Genetic Counseling

For couples considering having a child, test for common genetic disorders.

Pre-Conception Counseling Clinic