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Inova's Brain and Spine Tumor Program is designed with our patients in mind, offering a personalized, timely and streamlined healthcare experience. We provide coordinated care with specialists including neuro-oncologists, radiation oncologists, neurosurgeon oncologists, and medical oncologists who have expertise in treating benign and malignant, and primary and metastatic tumors to care for each patient from diagnosis through recovery. Our experts look at each case from different perspectives making it possible to design an individualized treatment plan for each patient. 

First Visit

You can expect the following on your first visit to the Inova Brain and Spine Tumor Program:

  • You will undergo a comprehensive health history and physical exam.
  • We will review any neuro-radiological imaging taken prior to your visit.
  • We will discuss any further tests that may be needed to enable our team to recommend the best treatments available. This may include additional neuro-radiological imaging, bloodwork, neuro-pathological and molecular biology tests.
  • We will discuss treatment options with you.
  • We will answer all of your questions and coordinate treatment of your tumor and your care in the timeliest and most compassionate manner.
  • We will send your primary care physician a summary of our findings and recommendations and continue to keep them informed of your progress.
  • If applicable, we will discuss any available clinical trials that may be beneficial to your treatment.


Ensuring the right recovery support after brain or spinal tumor treatment is an important part of a patient’s return to full health. The aftercare needed will depend on many aspects, including the type of treatment performed and the patient’s general health. Brain or spine tumor surgery will likely require a hospital stay. Radiation therapy, if needed, will start a few weeks after surgery. A course of chemotherapy, if indicated, could take several weeks or months depending on the situation. Sometimes rehabilitation is necessary.

Recovery begins the day of surgery with physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. This multi-disciplinary team will design a plan that fits each patient’s needs. We support our patients throughout – from surgery to recuperation to follow-up care. 


Contact the Inova Brain and Spine Tumor Program


If you have questions, would like to refer a patient to our program or require a second opinion, please call 571-472-4100. Our office staff will connect you with our brain and spine tumor specialists.

You can send a referral through our EPIC electronic medical platform. Or, you can fax a referral to our office at 571-472-4101.

Call us at 703-776-4700.