There are currently no medications that cure epilepsy, but there are medications that can help control epilepsy. Each patient with epilepsy responds differently to medication, but a single medication or a combination of medications may help to control seizures. Your doctor will work closely with you to determine which medications work best for you. However, for some people, medication does not work to control their seizures. The most common reasons that anti-seizure medication fails to work include:

  • Wrong or not enough medication for a particular seizure type
  • Doctors are unable to figure out the type of seizures you are having
  • Certain neurological or psychological symptoms that can act the same as seizures
  • Patient failure to take medication as prescribed

Patients who don't respond to medication may be good candidates for surgery. Your doctor will help you decide if surgery is an appropriate treatment option for you. Vagal nerve stimulation may also be an option for some patients.