What Are Integrated Behavioral Health Services?

Integrated Behavioral Health is a collaborative form of care that includes your team of physicians, nurses, and our behavioral health providers, that work together to promote total body wellness, by addressing the physical, mental and emotional needs of patients.

Our behavioral health providers can offer consultations, assessments, referrals, case management, and short-term therapy.

Where May I Get Integrated Behavioral Health Services?

Our services are available at the following Inova primary care office locations:

How Do I Schedule a Consultation or Appointment?

Speak with your Inova primary care doctor during your next visit and discuss your concerns. Your doctor may arrange a same-day visit (where possible) or schedule a future appointment; or you may call the Behavioral Health team at 571-623-3500 to schedule your first appointment.

During this period we are utilizing a virtual platform to provide therapy to existing and new patients. Please refer to this document for information.

We also have an updated webpage about Inova virtual visits. Learn More