Neuro Oncology Program

The Inova Neuro Oncology Program is the only multidisciplinary neurologic cancer clinic in Northern Virginia. We specialize in the treatment of tumors of the brain, the nervous system and its surroundings. Our practice includes cancerous and benign tumors of the brain, spine, and neurologic system. Our advanced technologies, including Proton Therapy, along with modern scientific knowledge and integrated resources for care of the whole person to treat people with common and rare brain, spine, and pituitary tumors.

Treatment for neurologic tumors is complex. Our care coordination is provided through a multidisciplinary approach where our subspecialty trained neurosurgical oncologists, neuro oncologists, and radiation oncologists are at the same location, working on your personalized treatment plan. Our physicians have reached the highest levels of training and certification in their fields related to neurologic cancers and dedicate the majority of their time to patients with these tumors.

Our Clinical Trials and Research Teams offers the latest research in cancer advancements and is worth considering if it could be right for you. Each patient has access to a Life with Cancer support team that will help provide counseling and support along the way. The Inova Schar Cancer Institute has the latest innovations in cancer treatment and is one of the largest centers in the region.

The Inova Neuro Oncology Program is an integral part of the Inova Schar Cancer Institute, which is a state-of-the-art cancer care destination designed to meet the needs of our region, and to bring healing and hope to our patients in the Metro DC area. Our team – 1,000+ doctors, researchers, nurses, cancer specialists and emotional support experts at our Life with Cancer® program – delivers the highest standard of compassionate, collaborative and holistic cancer care, customized to the needs of each patient.

Meet Our Nurse Navigator

Alyssa Abbey, BSN, RN

Alyssa Abbey, BSN, RN

Brain and Spine Tumor Nurse Navigator
Inova Fairfax Hospital