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Inova Telestroke Program Team

John W. (Jack) Cochran, MD, FACP, FAHA

John W. (Jack) Cochran, MD, FACP, FAHA

Medical Director, Cerebrovascular Services Inova Health System

The Inova Telestroke team includes physicians and nurses focused on the specialized needs of the stroke patient. These professionals may include:

  • Neurologist – a physician specializing in the care of patients with neurological diseases may be present at the bedside or via telemedicine
  • Emergency Department physician – a physician who is trained in providing emergency medical care
  • Interventional neuroradiolgist – a physician specially trained to use images or X-rays to diagnose and perform treatment on abnormal blood vessels in the head, neck and spine
  • Neurosurgeon – a physician who specializes in performing surgery to treat neurological disorders
  • Neuroradiologist – a physician with special training in the use of imaging technology to diagnose neurological diseases
  • Stroke response nurse – the stroke response nurse evaluates all patients in the hospital with stroke-like symptoms. This nurse streamlines the patient's care from point of entry to treatment.