Menorrhagia, or heavy bleeding, was once a condition treated by hysterectomy. Today Inova Health System hospitals offer advanced treatment options that are far less invasive. The use of a hysteroscope and endometrial ablation are two possibilities.

If polyps are the cause of bleeding, a hysteroscope, or tiny tube with a light, can be inserted into the uterine cavity to view and allow for their removal. 

Endometrial ablation is another very effective, minimally invasive approach to treat heavy bleeding. A small device is inserted into your uterus and expanded to touch all the uterine surfaces. Ultrasonic energy is applied to permanently destroy the endometrium, or lining, of the uterus. After endometrial ablation, most women resume a normal menstrual flow. Some women, however, have little or no menstrual flow after the procedure.