Inova Juniper Program's education team provides customized education and training programs, technical assistance, and clinical consultation. Educators will assess your and/or your agency’s needs and develop an individualized education and training plan.

Call 703-321-2600 for more information or learn more about specific types of education provided:

Educators are available to provide workshops, seminars, and training for healthcare professionals on many topics related to HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, and hepatitis.  Educators will assess and develop individualized training programs to meet your needs.

Regional and agency-specific trainings can be conducted at our training facility, at your office, or utilizing distance learning technologies such as webinars.

This unique program allows healthcare professionals to observe the clinical care of HIV-infected patients and those living with hepatitis in a variety of settings. Participants attend modules related to their interests, studies, or clinical practice. Modules are offered at various times and may be repeated based on availability.

This flexible program addresses the unique needs of each participant while increasing participants' skills. Continuing education units are available. Call 703-321-2600 for information.

Inova Juniper Program health educators and clinicians are available in-person or by telephone for technical assistance and consultation services. This is a resource for professionals regarding treatment and management of HIV and hepatitis, testing, delivering results, policy development psychosocial issues, resource referrals, and other related topics.

Call 703-321-2600 and ask to speak to a health educator.

Inova Juniper Program educators use email to distribute breaking news in the HIV field. Current distribution lists relate to these HIV-related topics: testing and counseling, clinical issues, substance abuse and mental health, and hepatitis.

To be added to a distribution list, please call 703-321-2600 and ask for an educator.