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Elective Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedure Changes


Why did Inova make this decision?

  • The acuity, complexity and volume of Inova’s surgical patient population continue to grow and our resources remain stretched across the system. 
  • Health systems nationwide are experiencing anesthesia and staffing shortages. To mitigate this issue, Inova will reallocate resources and prioritize medically necessary surgeries and procedures to ensure we can continue to accommodate the surgical needs of our patients without compromising safety, quality or outcomes.

What you need to know:

  • Inova will continue to accommodate cosmetic plastic surgery cases deemed medically necessary at all Inova facilities.
    • Surgeries and procedures that are tied to a clinical diagnosis or medical condition such as reconstructive breast surgery following breast cancer treatment will continue to be performed at all Inova facilities.
  • Inova will accommodate all elective cosmetic plastic surgery patients scheduled prior to Tuesday, July 19.
    • Scheduled cases may be moved to an alternate care site depending on volume and resources.
    • Patients will be contacted if any changes are made to their scheduled procedure.
  • New appointments for cosmetic procedures can be scheduled by physicians at Inova Mount Vernon and Inova Alexandria Hospitals.