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Patient Experience: Nursing at Inova Fairfax Medical Campus


At Inova, the patient and family relationship with us is the center of our care delivery model. Everyone is responsible for, and plays an important role in, the patient experience. Patient Experience is defined by Beryl Institute as the sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization's culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care. Nurses play a significant role at every level to enhance touchpoints a patient and family has during their experience, whether it is parking their car or understanding how the communication board works.

Patient Comments

"The care was beyond my wildest expectations. You have a surgical center that feels harmonious, filled with sensitivity, compassion, flexibility and dedication to meeting the unique and individual needs of each child and family."

"Being in healthcare one of our biggest fears is to become the one on the receiving end. Not a single person made me feel rushed or like I was bothering them when I needed help. I was treated with respect, dignity and human kindness that made a horrible life event not so horrible."

"Everyone on the Oncology Unit should be commended for the outstanding display of religious and cultural competence that was provided for this patient and their family."

"(The) HRP nursing staff assured me verbally and through their actions, that they were committed to me and the health of my twins was just as important to them, as it was to me. That alone, put me at ease and took most of the stress away. I was also particularly impressed that all of the unit nurses were always accommodating, courteous, and professional at all times."

"While no parents want their child to need a cardiovascular intervention, it is a great comfort to those of us whose children do need it, to have such a talented and caring team right in Nothern Virginia."

These are just a few who I can remember, although I know there are many more who made an impact on her life. A hospital stay is never an enjoyable experience, but thanks to the excellent work and compassionate care she received at IFMC, she referred to Inova Fairfax as the Ritz Carlton of hospitals.

The CVICU staff would like to acknowledge the NICU nurses that cared for the baby and their commitment to exceptional care and support for the entire family, baby, mom and dad. Prior to baby's arrival, mom was placed on ECMO and required an emergent C-section. Afterward, she was immediately transferred to CVICU for ongoing ECMO management and was unable to see her new baby in NICU. The NICU nurses went above and beyond what was expected. They took time out of their shift to bring the baby over to CVICU for daily visits with his mom when she when able. This was the highlight of each day for our patient, giving both mom and dad precious moments together with their new son. The NICU nurses have also been sending updated pictures, as well as an occasional blanket or hat he has worn. These items have become even more important during the 2 weeks when baby has been unable to visit. Thank you NICU nurses!!!

"My husband was in isolation due to several bacterial and viral infections, creating an extra burden for the nurses, techs, and anyone who had to enter his room. Despite that, the staff provided expert care, and demonstrated the utmost patience and kindness during his hospitalization. Among the many nurses, techs, respiratory therapists and other medical and administrative personnel, I wish to recognize the nurses as 'setting the bar high' for competency, compassion, and responsiveness."

"The nurses had a great sense of humor, were wonderful to talk with, and explained the entire process in an easy to understand way that helped put us at ease. They were always willing and prepared to assist us, always with a smile on their face. Their cheeriness, great sense of humor and positivity go miles to make things better."

"Inova Fairfax Hospital has it's excellent reputation in large part because of the nurses and techs. Way to go and giant thank yous to you and all these incredible employees. I will not soon forget the kindness and hard work they bestowed on my Mom."

nurses with their presentation poster
The FCC team received the Quality and Patient Safety Award for their innovative hemmorhage/rapid response cart.