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Melissa Womble, PhD

NeuropsychologistDirector of Inova Sports Medicine Concussion Program
A member of Inova Medical Group
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Melissa Womble, PhD



About Melissa Womble, PhD

Dr. Melissa Womble is a fellowship-trained neuropsychologist with specialization in sport concussion management. She serves as director of the Inova Sports Medicine Concussion Program and co-director of the Inova Concussion Program.

Dr. Womble joined Inova Medical Group after completing a neuropsychology post-doctoral fellowship within the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Sports Medicine Concussion Program. Her goal is to provide patients of all ages and abilities with top-notch care following sport-related concussion and additionally for sports performance enhancement needs.

An accomplished high school track athlete, Dr. Womble took her passion for competitive sports to the University of South Alabama (USA) where she competed as an NCAA Division I cross country and track athlete while earning her Bachelor's degree in psychology. She received a Master's degree in applied psychology and a Doctoral degree in combined-integrated clinical and counseling psychology, both at USA. During her doctoral studies, Dr. Womble provided sports enhancement therapy for collegiate athletes and also developed a concussion management program for collegiate and high school athletes. She completed a pre-doctoral internship at Henry Ford Medical Center in Detroit, MI, where she continued to develop her interest in traumatic brain injuries and furthered previous neuropsychology training before moving on to her fellowship experience in Pittsburgh.

Dr. Womble has presented at national conferences and published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, many of which are listed below.

A native of Northern Virginia, she resides with her husband, son and their two dogs. In her spare time she enjoys running, hiking, traveling and cooking.

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  • Ask the Doctor: Understanding Concussions and the Importance of Pre-Season Concussion Screening in Athletes  (air date 5/6/17)
    In this episode of Inova’s  “Ask the Doctor,” Neuropsychologist and Director of the Inova Sports Medicine Concussion Program, Dr. Melissa Womble along with Inova Athletic Trainers, Eric Castor and Brett Gustman help to educate listeners on the signs and symptoms of a concussion, as well as the importance of having athletes complete baseline testing  before their sports season begins.
  • Ask the Doctor: Vestibular Therapy for Concussion Patients (air date 4/14/17)
    In this episode of Inova's "Ask the Doctor," Neuropsychologist and Director of the Inova Sports Medicine Concussion Program, Dr. Melissa Womble and Dr. Sheri Fedor, Physical Therapist, Director of the Inova Vestibular Concussion Program explain why vestibular therapy is a part of a multidisciplinary team approach used when treating concussion patients.
  • Ask the Doctor: Concussion
    The following 3-part podcast series features Dr. Jessica Wertz and Dr. Melissa Womble discussing how a concussion occurs, the evaluation, treatment and key components to recovery.
    -- Concussion – Part 1 (air date 11/12/16)
    -- Concussion – Part 2 (air date 11/19/16)
    -- Concussion – Part 3 (air date 11/26/16)
  • ESPN Answering The Bell – Concussions Part 2 (air date 10/25/16)
    Dr. Melissa Womble and Stephania Bell discuss neurocognitive testing and the five phases of the NFL concussion protocol

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