Any head injury requires immediate, specialized attention. The concussion specialists at Inova Sports Medicine Comprehensive Concussion Center offer:

  • Expert care: Our concussion specialists are trained in treating mild traumatic brain injuries (i.e. concussion) and performing thorough concussion evaluations. We provide care for all ages with an individualized and comprehensive treatment approach.
  • Convenient services: We have all the resources you need right at our center, including exertion therapy, vestibular therapy, as well as access to specialists throughout Inova’s health system and within the community.
  • Easy appointments: For acute injuries, we strive to get patients in within 48-72 hours after injury. Our team is also trained to treat patients who are experiencing prolonged signs and symptoms months to years after injury.
  • Concussion outreach: We provide a variety of concussion services beyond the traditional clinic setting that include: (1) baseline concussion assessment, (2) athlete, parent and coach educational presentations and (3) partnerships with youth and adult sport/recreation organizations.

Adult and youth organizations partnered with Inova Sports Medicine receive priority access to services and scheduling of appointments.

Inova Sports Medicine Concussion Services

Inova Sports Medicine not only treats concussion, but we educate the Northern Virginia community, parents and athletes on how to avoid concussions and care for them following an injury.

Inova Sports Medicine Concussion Clinic Locations