Concussion Research Program Highlights

  • We have collectively published more than 200 peer-reviewed research articles.
  • Our experts have presented more than 350 presentations on this injury and are recognized as national/international leaders in concussion research.
  • The Inova Sports Medicine Concussion Program boasts one of the largest patient research registries in the country, with more than 2,000 patients enrolled and counting.
  • Our research team has secured more than $500,000 in grants and donations to expand our efforts to advance the field of concussion research.

Support our research

Our research is supported by grants, foundations and patient donations.

Support our research 

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2024-2026 Inova Sports Medicine Concussion Post-Doctoral Neuropsychology Fellowship

Clinical Research Team: Research-active clinicians and staff

Melissa Womble, PhD
Melissa Womble, PhD
Sabrina Jennings, PhD
Sabrina Jennings, PhD

Current research activity

We have several ongoing research projects that include the following:

road in the distance

A randomized, controlled trial of the efficacy of targeted treatments for concussion clinical profiles/subtypes in patients with chronic concussion.

man looking at smartphone

A first-of-its-kind study that is using patients’ smartphones to capture symptomatic and cognitive responses to environmental stimuli that occur in everyday life following concussion.

doctor writing on chart

An investigation of the effect of a clinical reassurance intervention for patients with concussion who are discharged from the emergency room. This project is positioned to improve care and fill a patient-education gap as patients await care at the concussion clinic following ER discharge.


Clinical research collaborations

We partner with several clinical research programs and scientists located across the country. These partnerships and collaborations enable us to conduct multisite research in diverse patient populations. The knowledge we gain from these multisite projects is used to further advance our patient-centered approach to concussion clinical care.

Our current collaborators include: