The Inova-GWU Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship is directed by Catherine C. Crone, MD, and Thomas N. Wise, MD.

Dr. Crone is a fellow of the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine (APM) and current treasurer. Dr. Wise has been president of both the APM and the American Psychosomatic Society. He is associate chair of psychiatry at GWU.

Both have focused much of their careers on fellowship training, serving on the APM fellowship training subcommittee and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology’s psychosomatic medicine examination committee.

Lorenzo Norris, MD, associate residency training director and director of the consultation service at GWU, is actively involved in the fellowship. He serves on the editorial board of Psychiatric Annals and is involved in the development of American Cancer Society guidelines regarding care of the cancer patient.

Doctors Crone, Wise and Norris also serve on the American Psychiatric Association’s Council on psychosomatic medicine. Over 300 research articles, clinical reports, and other scholarly works have been published by this division. The three physicians are also on numerous editorial boards of peer-reviewed journals that focus upon the interface between medicine and psychiatry.

Primary Faculty

Catherine Crone, MD* – transplant/ GI psychiatry, psycho-oncology
Thomas Wise, MD* – psycho-oncology, somatoform disorders
Lorenzo Norris, MD* – (primarily at GWU) psycho-oncology, ALS
Gagan Singh, MD* – general consultation psychiatry
Robert Johnson, MD – primary care psychiatry
Jennifer Santoro, MD* – women’s mental health 
Deyadira Baez-Sierra, MD – HIV psychiatry

Additional Faculty

Susan Trachman, MD – forensic issues in consultation psychiatry
James Griffith, MD** – neuropsychiatry and the role of spirituality
Ross Silverstein, MD – psychodynamic psychiatry
Navid Rashid, MD – general hospital psychiatry 
Lorenzo Perkins, MD – general consultation psychiatry
Michael Kronen – consultation issues in child and adolescent psychiatry
Michael Sheridan, D.Sci – research issues in psychosomatic medicine
Niru Jani, MD – neurology and neuropsychiatry
Kathy Zaepfel, LCSW – hypnosis and relaxation therapy

* denotes diplomate with added qualifications in psychosomatic medicine
** Certified in both psychiatry and neurology