Inova is known for excellence in clinical care and medical education, as well as actively fostering an investigative culture. Inova is well suited for research because of its large patient volume, multiple hospitals in an economically vibrant region, and very high quality clinicians and clinical researchers.

Over the years, investigators at Inova have pioneered clinical trials in several important diseases including cardiopulmonary disorders, adult and pediatric cancers and liver disease.

Inova's Research Vision

Inova's research vision includes rigorous clinical trials and excellence in translational and outcomes research. The goals are to:

  • Provide cutting edge protocols in strategically focused research areas
  • Encourage creative investigators to pursue unexplored research avenues
  • Promote our international reputation through research productivity

To achieve this vision, we are pursuing three major research avenues: clinical, outcomes and translational research. As a measure of academic productivity, our research teams are encouraged to present the results of their projects at international research meetings and in peer-reviewed research journals. For example, translational research projects in liver disease, obesity and fibrosis have resulted in 30 presentations at major international meetings and over half a dozen research articles. Inova investigators are also conducting ongoing projects related to cancer, heart disease, advanced lung diseases, the neurosciences, trauma and pediatric disorders. These projects are expected to enhance the academic image of Inova, Inova physicians and participating investigators.

This academic productivity will enhance our ability to provide world class, high quality health care, and to provide superb medical education for our students, residents and colleagues. By pursuing our research vision, we expect to foster a supportive research infrastructure that facilitates high quality research; this effort includes our colleagues from private practice as well as Inova-based centers. Collaborative research in strategically focused areas will assure a productive future for Inova as an institution and for its clinicians and clinical investigators.