Medical students enrolled in LCME-accredited programs may participate in rotations at Inova facilities. Interested students who would like to apply for rotations should contact their dean's office for placement. All medical student rotations are authorized by the Director of Undergraduate Medical Education. Please go to the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) log in page to apply via the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO). Search for "University of Virginia School of Medicine - Inova Campus."

Additional Resources for Gap Insurance:

* Personal Statement and Letter of Recommendation Requirements

Rotation(s) Within One Specialty

If you are applying for one or more rotations in the same specialty, for example AI and PICU within Pediatrics, or both General and Trauma within Surgery, then only one personal statement and one letter of recommendation are required.

Rotations Within Two Specialties

If you are applying for rotations in different specialties (for example, you both Pediatrics and Surgery), then two statements and two letters of recommendation are required.

Current Elective Catalogue

View our current Elective Catalogue that includes links to full descriptions of each elective.

Contact Information

For eligibility, registration and orientation information, please contact:
Marcela Centellas, Academic Registrar