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Partnership for Healthier Communities Frequently Asked Questions

Providing uninsured children and adults a link to appropriate and affordable healthcare services.

What Is the Access to Health Care Program?

The Access to Health Care program is a unique outreach effort led by Inova and community partners including Alexandria City, Fairfax, Prince William and Loudoun counties public schools and governments, as well as other community organizations. The purpose of the program is to identify children and adults who do not have a source of ongoing healthcare, and link them with free or very low cost medical providers.

How Does the Program Work?

The program coordinates intensive school and community-based outreach with partnering schools and community organizations in Northern Virginia. School and community staffs identify children and adults who have not reported a source of medical care on their emergency healthcare forms and refer them to Partnership for Healthier Communities (PHC). In addition, PHC partners with some school systems to reach uninsured families of children who are eligible for free/reduced lunch. Bi-lingual caseworkers conduct confidential, personal interviews over the telephone or at the school to help the families enroll in an appropriate, affordable program.

Why Is the School Connected with This Healthcare Outreach Project?

Good health, school attendance and academic success are closely linked. The school sees many children who do not get medical care because the family lacks the financial resources to seek appropriate treatment. Healthy children make better students.

What Kind of Medical Care Is Provided?

There are several different programs available and the range of services varies. Some provide direct medical care for children and adults with physicians onsite. Others provide the family with an eligibility card and a list of doctors' offices where appointments can be scheduled. Some programs provide comprehensive care while others are limited and may not cover hospitalization, eye examinations and/or dental care.

Can a Child’s Younger Sister Get Care? What About a Teenage Brother?

Yes. Programs cover children from birth to adults age 64.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

Eligibility requirements vary for program to program. To find out if you are eligible to receive free or low cost healthcare, contact a PHC caseworker at 703-698-2550.

Are There Any Programs for Adults?

Since January 2019, PHC provides Medicaid application and enrollment assistance for adults and provides information about possible programs for which they may be eligible if they are non-Medicaid-eligible, such as free or low cost primary care providers.

Does It Take a Long Time to Get Approved for One of These Programs?

This depends on which program the family is applying for and how long it takes a parent to collect required documentation. The process can be completed within a few days or it can take several weeks.

What If a Child or Adult Is Not an American Citizen?

Some programs will accept children and adults regardless of their citizenship. Documentation may be required.

If the Parents Aren’t in This Country Legally Can Their Children Get Help?

Situations vary. Talk with the caseworker for more information.

Who Pays for These Medical Programs?

The state and federal government fund Medicaid and FAMIS. The other programs are community-based organizations funded through local, public and private resources.