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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

Mental health counseling with female patient

Inova Cares Clinic for Behavioral Health

Serving the Mental Health Counseling Needs of Adults in Our Community Who Are Uninsured


Inova Cares Clinic for Behavioral Health opened in 2022 as a part of Inova's commitment to support care to patients regardless of their ability to pay and through the generosity of donor funding.

The purpose of the program is to provide therapeutic support to those experiencing mild to moderate mental health conditions in an effort to reduce unwanted symptoms and improve wellbeing.

Services and Conditions Overview

Once approved and admitted, the types of conditions treated include people who are experiencing mild to moderate mental health needs such as depression, stress management, grief, anxiety, and/or other health and life stressors.

Our service offering includes goal-oriented therapy of 10-12 sessions on a weekly/bi-weekly and time-limited basis with qualified mental health credentialed professionals.

Medication management services managed under the care of a psychiatrist are not included. If an aftercare plan is indicated your therapist will discuss this with you. Referrals for community resources for both continued counseling as well as primary care and other social services will be provided as needed.

211 Gibson St, NW #220 Leesburg, VA 20176
Get Directions Phone: 703-779-5480

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