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What People are saying about Inova Mount Vernon Hospital Rehab:

Great teamwork and communication. Nurses communicated with each other and with therapists about patients so that everyone was on the same page. I heard that a lot in passing and also between the therapists at the gym, they gave each other updates on patient status and I thought that was really good.
Everybody was outstanding, that is why she wants to continue outpatient therapy there. There is nothing you all need to improve – you guys are awesome!
I really enjoyed the recreational therapy sessions, especially after having the other therapy sessions, it felt so good to do the ceramic art therapy which was more relaxing and it was such a great session.
I had a really good nurse. He went above and beyond what was expected. He took the extra time to answer all my questions and explain everything about my medication. Whenever I had questions, he got back to me in a timely manner; he really did an excellent job.
The doctors did more for me than any other hospital I have been to.
We were very impressed with our case manager. She was well prepared with all the information that we needed and she was on top of it all.
My therapists were exceptionally good. They got me up and out of bed doing things that I never thought I would do.
I would recommend your hospital to anyone that needs it. I would recommend it to 100 people if I had to.
My OT was absolutely fantastic and got me laughing and ready for therapy no matter what mood I was in.
The techs played such a central role in my healing and recovery. They gave me a sense of confidence.
My doctor was wonderful. He had such a calm demeanor and made me feel very comfortable. I felt like I could ask him anything and he would give me the most honest answer.
The communication was very good. The therapists and nurses worked really well together and always knew what was going on.
You all did an awesome job. It was like a well-oiled machine. I was so impressed with the organization and the fact that everyone was on the same page.
All staff did a good job. I will say gold stars for everybody. There’s nothing I can suggest that you could have done better, your hospital was a breath of fresh air.
Inova Mount Vernon Hospital rehab is the best in Virginia and there is no other rehab like yours. You have the best in nursing care, therapy and overall staff
The nursing staff was kind, thoughtful, friendly and professional. This really enhances your stay and recovery.
I was very encouraged and they always raised my motivations up! Best PT team ever!
My case manager was so great! She responded whatever I asked or questioned, she got back to me right away, and cleared my issue up quickly.
I would recommend your facility to anyone needing rehab care. Excellent center.