speech therapy patientInova's Outpatient Neurological Rehabilitation Center, a department of Inova Mount Vernon Hospital, is a regional leader in rehabilitative services.

We specialize in the care for individuals who have experienced a life changing injury or illness. Our extensive outpatient programs include personalized hands-on therapy, counseling and education. With specialty certified clinicians and state-of-the-art equipment, our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to help individuals achieve their highest level of functioning. We also help patients and their families build a strong support system and establish links to community resources. 

For more information about outpatient services, call 703-664-7190

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What People are saying about Inova Mount Vernon Hospital Rehab:

I am thankful that my OT is so tough! She cares about the well-being and improvements of her patients.
I thought rehab would be hard, cold, and lonely. This definitely was not the case. The staff are friendly, caring, and keep in touch with my cares, feelings, and concerns.
In a time of uncertainty they made me feel comfortable and able to conduct my therapy with confidence.
Very creative and innovative staff.
The concussion program is a hidden gem at Inova.
Everyone involved in the wheelchair clinic was very respectful, polite, caring, smart, knowledgeable and had a good sense of humor. They were also were very patient with my sensitivity! All in all, a great experience and now I have my new chair!
I liked how my therapist honestly answered questions and treated me like a human being.
I would like to compliment my PT. She questioned, and then listened. She was always positive, understanding, cheerful, encouraging, and challenging the whole time which allowed me to progress forward!
My speech therapist was great with explaining things. She was professional in suggestions for treatment outside of therapy time.
My therapist is so well informed about what it takes to live with a brain injury. She knows how to tailor my treatment plan for my individual wants and needs. She didn’t paint me with a broad stroke; she individualized my care.
I really appreciate the hard work done by the clinicians at Inova Mount Vernon Hospital. They talk to patients like human beings and not like incomplete people. There is hope here! Because of the staff here, I can see a future in living with what happened to me. Thank you!
My therapist had an encouraging heart and attitude. Her sincerity towards my recovery meant the world to me. I felt supported by her empathy. She saw my level of pain and discomfort without under valuing me. I will recommend her in the future.