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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can I expect?

You can expect a call from our triage nurse at the beginning of the appointment who will confirm you are set up for virtual consultation. You will also have a moment to review your past medical history and medications with your intake nurse. You will then be transitioned to the physician, where you will have a 1:1 virtual consultation including a detailed history and review of systems. The physician will be able to order any blood work or imaging electronically so you can still complete your workup in a timely manner.

Medical records can be faxed or mailed to our office. You can also upload documents via MyChart.

Do I need to get my labs done before my visit?

If you are an established patient, please reach out to your nurse or physician to check if you are due for labs. If you are a new patient (being seen for the first time), your doctor will determine which labs (if any) need to be done once they have gathered all of the medical history and discussed your symptoms with you.

How can I get my medical records transferred to you?

Medical records can be faxed or mailed to our office. You can also upload documents via MyChart.

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What will I need to participate in virtual visits?

Is it safe to receive a Prolia injection?

For patients who have already started on Prolia, continuation of treatment every 6 months is vital due to the increased risk of rebound vertebral fractures with delayed treatment.

Patients who want to start Prolia treatment are advised to consult with a physician to consider all risk factors before treatment. Treatment is at the discretion of the provider.

How do I schedule a virtual visit?

The best way to schedule a virtual visit is to call our office and set this up with your scheduling staff. The direct phone number to the rheumatology clinic is 703-259-9050.