Primary care services

We provide continuing and comprehensive pediatric and adult healthcare, including most preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic services for a wide array of acute and chronic problems. As family physicians, we are dedicated to treating the whole person. Family medicine’s cornerstone is an ongoing, personal patient-physician relationship focused on integrated care. Unlike other specialties that are limited to a particular organ, disease, age, or sex, family medicine integrates care and patient information for both genders across the full spectrum of ages within the context of the family and community. In addition, it advocates for the patient in an increasingly complex healthcare system.

With an emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion, family medicine aims to provide personal, comprehensive, and continuing care of the individual throughout every stage of life. We are especially devoted to making each individual patient’s needs and concerns a priority.

The first year of your newborn’s life is a time of rapid growth and development, which is monitored and enriched at each wellness visit. Social, emotional, and developmental well-being principles are introduced and reinforced. We can ensure that your newborn or child receives exceptional care from our many capable physicians and health professionals. We are dedicated to providing individualized newborn and pediatric care that is best for your child’s health and well-being. Our services support and aid your child’s development and growth from infancy to childhood. These services include:

  • Acute illness
  • Developmental issues
  • Immunizations
  • Newborn care
  • Well-baby exams (including measurements, head-to-toe physical exam, development)
  • Well-child exams

Adolescent health encompasses an essential transition from childhood to adulthood. During this transition, adolescents establish patterns of behavior and make lifestyle choices that affect both their current and future health. It is our goal as your family medicine provider to assist the adolescent during this transition phase by offering education, medical support, and resources. Some important areas to address are:

  • General physical health and nutrition: physicals, immunizations, well child exams, treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, assessment & treatment of eating disorders and nutritional concerns
  • Mental health and substance abuse: coping skills, stress management, drug and alcohol usage education
  • ADD/ADHD: mental and emotional well-being, severity, prevalence, difficulty learning, understanding, or paying attention, medication
  • Sexual health: pubertal development, sexual identity, STDs and HIV education, sexuality education, contraception, menstrual health
  • Violence: offenders and victims of bullying, psychosocial health, health and safety issues
  • Dermatologic health: acne, skin conditions, warts, eczema, burns

Our providers are skilled in evaluating patients for sleep disorders and can assist you with arranging diagnostic studies.

Women’s health covers many areas including menstrual disorders, contraception/diaphragm fitting, menopause, and breast issues. Services provided to address these areas include mammograms, pap smears, colonoscopy, endometrial biopsy, IUD insertions, and check-ups and screenings for breast, cervical, uterine, and ovarian cancers. We also offer the entire spectrum of women’s healthcare including GYN check-ups and management of any related health issues.

We provide medical and preventive care for all age groups and encourage a healthy lifestyle and health maintenance for every patient.

Cardiovascular Services

Cardiovascular disease is an umbrella term for more than 60 different conditions that affect the heart and blood vessels. Treatment is tailored to each patient’s needs and can include lifestyle changes, medication, surgeries, or rehabilitation. As with any health condition, prevention and a healthy lifestyle are encouraged to decrease the possibility of developing cardiovascular disease in the first place.

We provide comprehensive cardiac evaluation and risk factor assessment. This includes identification of personal factors that increase the chance of developing heart disease, a cardiac exam with EKG, and an estimation of heart disease risk over 10 years. Our physicians and clinicians are dedicated to partnering with each patient to provide the personalized quality care and treatment plan best suited to every need.


Office procedures/surgery

We are focused on providing you with care that is tailored to your needs. We can frequently perform necessary surgical procedures right in the office at a time that is convenient for you. Examples of available procedures and surgeries may include echocardiography, injections, joint aspiration, lacerations/sutures, cryotherapy for lesions/cysts/warts, mole biopsy and excisions, nail removal, physical therapy, splinting, IUD insertion/removal, and vasectomy.


Sports Medicine and Concussion Services

We are pleased to offer Sports Medicine appointments for the treatment of muscular and skeletal problems and conditions. We also provide post–trauma concussion evaluation, treatment and education.

We are staffed by fellowship-trained family medicine providers and sports fellows in training. Our care is enhanced by on-site radiology and physical therapy. Stress testing and ultrasound for diagnostics and guided injections are also available onsite.

Available sports medicine procedures to help improve our patients’ injuries include the following:

  • Injury assessment
  • Evaluation of overuse injuries in children and adults
  • Evaluation of exercise performance
  • Steroid injections
  • Hyaluronic acid injections
  • Nerve Hydrodissections
  • Carpal tunnel injections
  • Trigger point injections
  • Platelet-rich plasma injections
  • Prolotherapy for chronic tendinopathy
  • Bracing and splinting
  • Treadmill stress tests
  • Ultrasound diagnosis of musculoskeletal disease

The Sports Medicine Program works in conjunction with a sports nutrition therapist for the management of musculoskeletal problems. Other specialized therapies include stem cell derived therapies and therapies aimed at relieving nerve entrapments with injections.

We provide post–trauma concussion evaluation, treatment and return to play as well as other sports related injuries. The staff at Fairfax Family Practice include concussion specialists who have been involved in concussion research for almost 20 years, and collectively have provided care for over 5000 concussed athletes. Knowing that each concussion is unique, the FFPC concussion specialists work together evaluating, managing, treating, and rehabilitating the different facets of concussions. Call 703-391-2020 for an appointment to see one of our concussion specialists.

Concussion Services Available

  • Concussion education for athletes and parents
    Up to date, science-based facts about recognizing signs and symptoms of concussion and procedures to follow
  • Baseline ImPACT testing
    Computerized neurocognitive baseline testing for athletes 10 years old and up
  • Concussion education for coaches
    Fulfills state requirement for all coaches to complete annual concussion education
  • Post-trauma concussion evaluation, management, treatment and return to play
    State of the art comprehensive concussion evaluation and management by concussion specialists and board-certified sports medicine physicians

Concussion Education and Testing

Fairfax Family Practice Comprehensive Concussion Center’s 30-minute lecture style presentation for athletes parents and coaches delivered by a concussion specialist providing the essential information about recognition of signs and symptoms of a concussion, the importance of providing appropriate immediate response to a concussion and procedures to follow for post trauma care including return to play. Individuals, teams, or youth associations will benefit from the online tracking we provide.

To register for a Concussion Education session, please go to or email for more information.


Weight Loss

The Healthy Weigh Now is a medically supervised, low carbohydrate, gluten-free diet plan that helps clients lose 2-5 pounds of fat per week.

When clients reach their goal weight, our coaches guide them through a specific transition period into a dedicated maintenance phase. This helps clients maintain their healthy weight.

When we eat carbohydrates (such as bread, rice, pasta, and potatoes), our bodies convert them into glucose (sugar). We absorb the glucose into the bloodstream. This, in turn, causes the pancreas to release insulin to regulate our blood sugar level. However, insulin also causes our bodies to store calories in the form of fat. The more carbohydrates we eat, the more fat we store.

Our low carbohydrate diet is supervised by Family Medicine Physicians. The program allows clients to enter a mild ketotic state, in which fat is burned quickly while maintaining muscle mass. Clients experience improvement in health, including lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, better-controlled diabetes, and at times even complete resolution of these conditions. Through weekly personal coaching sessions, body composition analysis, and our protein-based products, clients can expect to lose weight without feeling hungry or needing to exercise.

When clients reach their goal weight, our coaches guide them through a specific transition period into a dedicated maintenance phase. This helps clients maintain their healthy weight.

3 Levels:

  • Level 1: Weight Loss
  • Level 2: Transition to maintenance
  • Level 3: Maintenance

Contact Us

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