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Research - UVA Medicine Inova Campus


UVA School of Medicine Inova Campus students have the opportunity to work with appropriate research mentors on projects in a wide variety of fields. Additionally, third and fourth year students have the opportunity to be matched with clinical research preceptors for a more longitudinal project experience.

Research Staff

Alicia Freedy, MD
Assistant Dean for Curriculum

James Piper, MD
Transplant Surgeon
Co-Director of Medical Student Research

Research FAQ

Will I be eligible to participate in UVA research opportunities on the main campus?

Yes — any Inova Campus students who would prefer to complete research work in Charlottesville are still eligible to do so if their clinical schedules permit it. Data collection and analysis is often done electronically with the convenience of video teleconferencing for any necessary collaboration.

Is there funding available?

Yes! Students can apply for the Inova Summer Research Grant to help cover costs of participating in the program.