Our multidisciplinary team of addiction experts uses evidence-based treatment that has proven to be effective. We offer several different types of care, ranging from inpatient medical detoxification to outpatient group therapy and medication-assisted treatment.

Using evidence-based approaches that have been shown to work, our team of dedicated addiction professionals stands ready to help each and every person who seeks treatment for addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, heroin, cocaine or other substances.

We offer CATS inpatent programs and outpatient programs and services. Patients can participate in all in a logical sequence of treatment and/or be accepted into a specific program or service following an evaluation.

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Inpatient Medical Detox

Our inpatient medical detoxification program helps individuals safely withdraw from drugs and alcohol.

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Substance Use Outpatient Programs and Services

Our outpatient programs support individuals as they make positive life changes, from the first days to months and years of recovery.

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