Why Inova Neurosciences is an Excellent Choice for Clinical Trials Research

Our clinicians are committed to advancing the science within their specialties and helping patients to have pathways to clinical and the ability to participate in clinical trials research. We welcome engagement and collaboration with research investigators and institutions and of course our patients to speak to their provider about a clinical study of interest.

Improved Neuroscience Patient Care Through Research: Partnerships

University of Virginia (iTRIV), CTSA

The Integrated Health Research Institute of Virginia (iTHRIV) is an interdisciplinary collaboration of public and private institutions across the Commonwealth of Virginia with shared research resources and clinical best practices that creates team science and community engagement to produce advances in patient care. Among the research collaborations we have with University of Virginia is the iTHRIV Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies Program which is a core component of the National Institutes of Health-funded Clinical and Translational Sciences Award (CTSA), "The integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia (iTHRIV): Using Data to Improve Health." The goal of the iTHRIV Program is to help research teams transition from early-stage seed grants and proof-of-concept studies to externally-funded translational research and clinical application. The iTHRIV partner institutions are Inova, the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech and the Carilion Clinic.

George Mason University

Through a multi-year memo of understanding between Inova and George Mason University, we created a translational research laboratory under the guidance of our Director of Translational Research, Dr. Robert Lipsky. The laboratory performs genetic and protein biomarker studies that are integrated into clinical patient information to develop innovative methods for personalized healthcare. Inova Neurosciences has a bioinformatics team working with scientists at the George Mason University, College of Medicine, School of Systems Biology to analyze data generated from Inova genomic and clinical research efforts. This approach will impact our patients and transform healthcare from reactive to predictive practices. The goal is to increase successful patient outcomes while reducing adverse reactions to treatment.

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