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Physical therapy class in session.

Inova Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency Program Design



Our curriculum integrates clinical reasoning and evidence based practice to expose and train the clinician in all aspects of high level orthopedic care. The didactic portion of our Orthopedic Residency program is based upon the American Physical Therapy Association’s Orthopedic section monoliths. We combine the knowledge level and varied training of our dynamic faculty as we utilize the monoliths as a foundation for course creation. Each course is designed to seamlessly progress from the spine to the extremities with an emphasis on biomechanical evaluation and treatment and incorporates joint and region- specific advanced theoretical and clinical experience. The program features in-depth, laboratory-based courses to strengthen your knowledge and skills in orthopedic physical therapy and is supplemented by mentor led independent study opportunities.

Residents will be exposed to opportunities in the didactic portion of the program that will help significantly advance their areas of clinical orthopedic skills: 

  • Examination
  • Evaluation
  • Diagnosis
  • Prognosis
  • Intervention
  • Prevention
  • Return to Activity

Our Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency Includes:

  • One-to-one clinical mentoring, including shadowing and/or co-treating with a wide range of content experts in orthopedic physical therapy.
  • Didactic clinical education modules covering the full spectrum of content areas found within an orthopedic specialty practice.
  • Skill development in orthopedic clinical practice areas, including examination, treatment interventions and clinical decision making.
  • Advanced training in manual therapy for the spine and extremities, including mobilization and manipulation techniques.
  • Skill development in the use of evidence-based practice, best practice guidelines and clinical prediction rules.
  • Dedicated time and supportive resources for research and community service projects.
  • Orthopedic surgical shadowing and clinical practice/surgery observation.
  • Preparation for taking Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) board exam.