Be connected

Much time is spent with work teammates. Finding shared interests and helping one another develop is paramount in creating a strong sense of community in the workplace. Evidence tells us that health and wellness is better achieved and lasts when people make a social connection. We will provide the infrastructure in order for you to get started on the following options.

Be aware

Every wellness journey starts with understanding your personal health profile. Inova Well's "Be aware" programs include a wide range of options for helping your employees gauge and understand their current level of physical wellness.

From BMI and a full lipid panel to respiratory fitness testing and nutritional guidance, we can provide valuable information to help your employees develop an informed picture of their current wellness state.

Lipid panel screening

This screening package allows participants to get a snapshot of several basic health indicators, followed by a discussion of the results. It leaves participants well informed and excited to engage in next steps to maintain and improve their overall health.

  • Non-fasting biometric screening 
    • Determines total cholesterol, HDL, LDL and blood glucose levels
  • Blood pressure
  • BMI and body fat percentage
  • Results discussion with a wellness educator

Add-on items with available (additional fees apply):

  • A1C test with results within three minutes of testing
  • Aggregate report of full lipid panel


Inova's immunization program has successfully provided flu shots in a variety of settings since 1992. We vaccinate over 40,000 individuals annually. We provide:

  • Quadrivalent flu shots
  • FluZone high-dose flu vaccine (indicated for those 65 years of age and older)
  • TB skin test
  • Boostrix Tdap vaccine (protects against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis)
  • Covid-19 Vaccine

Respiratory fit testing

Respiratory fit masks provide protection against exposures to airborne transmissible infectious diseases as well as vapors of certain chemicals and drugs that may be used in various settings, including healthcare settings. Our screening process ensures that face masks fit appropriately to ensure protection from exposure.

Longevity screening

When it comes to living a long and healthy life, finding and treating health conditions at an early stage is key. Alongside a healthy lifestyle and regular checkups, our wellness educators will guide participants through a grip strength test and balance test, which have both been shown to be effective longevity markers.

Get active

Physical fitness is a core element of wellness that offers long-term health benefits and helps prevent chronic disease. Inova Well offers classes focusing on aerobics, strength training, mobility and flexibility.

Connect with a personal wellness associate for more information

Eat well

Good nutrition and healthy eating habits are cornerstones of health and can reduce the risk of chronic disease. To learn more about Inova Well’s nutrition seminars, connect with a health coach.

Healthy mind

Living life to the fullest is centered on having a healthy mind, which includes stress management, altruism and connecting to our physical being. Connect with a personal wellness associate for more information

Group classes: relaxation and focus

  • Gentle yoga
  • Meditation, breathing, and mindfulness
  • Tai Chi

Virtual reality bar

Take a journey through the rainforest as you are guided through a mindfulness experience. We offer a variety of settings through this virtual reality experience, all with the aim of helping individuals focus on being centered and support stress relief.

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