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Inova's Smoking Cessation Program is available to anyone interested in stopping their smoking. Smoking cessation lowers the risk of cancer and other serious health problems. This program offers counseling, behavior therapy, medicines, and nicotine-containing products, such as nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, inhalers, and nasal sprays, which may be used to help a person quit smoking.

This individual program includes one individual session and eight group sessions designed to help people struggling with a smoking addiction. There are a total of 8 sessions that take place one time per week, with participants having the option to meet either remotely via Zoom video conference or in person.

  • Getting Ready Sessions 1 through 3 are about deciding if you are ready to quit and getting to know your smoking pattern so you can make a plan to overcome it. You'll also decide whether using a quit-smoking medication is for you. Each activity you complete and each urge you prepare for will be another step toward becoming smokefree.
  • Taking Action Session 4 is Quit Day. It will seem like a very big deal and that's okay. You’ll have a plan and you’ll have support so you can say goodbye to smoking for good!
  • Staying Smoke-free Sessions 5 through 7 are all about maintaining your smokefree status – both in the first days after quitting and for the long run.


Inova Fairfax Hospital
Respiratory Care Department Classroom
3300 Gallows Rd. 
Falls Church, VA 22042

Zoom sessions are also available. 


$45 (self-pay)

Call 703-776-3392 for more information or to register for an upcoming session.

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