At Inova, the patient and family relationship with us is the center of our care delivery model. Everyone is responsible for, and plays an important role in, the patient experience. Patient Experience is defined by Beryl Institute as the sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization's culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care. Nurses play a significant role at every level to enhance touchpoints a patient and family have during their experience. From the moment you enter our door to the time you are discharged, Inova Fair Oaks nurses are there for you!

Patient Comments

You guys are great! We have made it through some very difficult times, together!! I appreciate and respect all of you!

I am so thankful for every nurse at Inova. You have been there to deliver my child (17 years ago) and help with various emergencies with my kids over the last 20 years! Thank you for all the hard work. I truly appreciate you.

Dear labor and delivery nurses: YOU ARE THE BEST! We know how busy you have become over the last year and I personally thank you for all your input and team work and support you give me and my patients. We truly appreciate you and all the sacrifices and bathroom and meal breaks you miss for the patients. Thank you for everything you do and are! Dr Carrie Klett

Thank you nurses for all that you do. For gracefully dealing with the stress of caring for sick people some of whom are not so nice. For dealing with death, incontinence, and huge caseloads. For your great skill and expertise. You are the heroes in the hospitals and everywhere the sick may go for care. You are my heroes.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with every person who comes to you afraid and in pain. Your compassion and confidence is more reassuring than you know.

Hannah, thanks for being such a great nurse and making your patients feel special. Your dedication to your patients is something to be proud of.

I cannot scream it loud enough – MY NURSES WERE WONDERFUL! I'm so thankful for them. They made me feel like I was talking to a friend, not a stranger. They were great at making sure I was well situated in my bed, with everything I may need. I am so thankful for this care team! Truly wonderful experience with them!

Although all personnel were very efficient, I want to give special recognition to the nurses and nurse technicians. They were outstanding. Every one of them was so helpful, so kind and absolutely marvelous! They need to be commended for all their efforts to make their patients comfortable.

I was SO impressed by the nursing care at Fair Oaks. Without exception, every one of the nurses who cared for me in the ER and in after I was admitted was outstanding in skill, communicating, and genuinely caring about me and my recovery.

The nurses became family. They were a 10 out of 5. I cannot speak highly enough about them. They all came in the room to celebrate my birthday. They were very thoughtful on top of being very skilled.

I fully appreciate the effort that the nursing community has provided during this pandemic. Thank you all!

The level of compassion and competency exceeded beyond expectations. Everyone from labor and delivery, PACU and post-partum was so attentive.

I had felt blessed for the dedication, professionalism, and concern about physical and emotional needs of the nurses towards me. Everyone was awesome which made my stance at the hospital a memorable experience knowing listening, acting immediately to satisfy my health needs, and showing concern about my comfort and wellness. Thank you for skilled labor and your human quality! I will always remember that.

Your nurses on the surgical floor are phenomenal. I could not have had better care or the attention I needed following my surgery. They were cognizant of my pain medication timetable and were responsive to my needs. They were wonderful.

The team that was taking care of me just blew me away. I have never had that treatment ever, and I have been in hospitals in quite a few states...the team actually cared.