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About Palliative Care at Inova

To Cure Sometimes, to Relieve Often, to Comfort Always.
We seek every opportunity to meet the unique needs of each person we are privileged to serve – every time, every touch.

Important to palliative care is the communication and coordination of treatment options to maximize quality of life for patients, according to the individual patient's goals and wishes. We do not replace your doctors. We work with your doctors to help you achieve the highest quality of life and decide on healthcare options, based on your personal goals of care.

Inova's Palliative Care Program

Our goal is to provide compassionate, interdisciplinary based world class palliative care services that improve quality of life while relieving suffering, seamlessly across the continuum of care.

We are focused on research and education of the next generation of healthcare professionals and the development of new models of palliative care delivery.

Working as a Team: Patient, Specialists and Family

Palliative care is a team approach to care. The core palliative care team includes: doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers and chaplains. A patient's healthcare team may also include: rehabilitation therapists, pharmacists, nutritionists and other physician specialists.

The Inova palliative care team spends as much time as necessary with you and your family. We partner with you, your family and your other doctors. We support you and your family every step of the way. We help by not only controlling your symptoms, but also by helping you to understand your treatment options and goals.

Working together with your healthcare team, the Inova palliative care team provides:

  • Close communication
  • Expert management of pain and other symptoms
  • Help navigating the healthcare system
  • Guidance with difficult and complex treatment choices
  • Emotional and spiritual support for you and your family

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Do you have questions about palliative care at Inova? We will do our best to answer them.