Why the PHQ-9A?

The PHQ-9A is a widely used, all-in-one depression and suicide risk screening. It is validated, has good specificity for ages 12 and older, and is written in more accessible language for teens. It is free, and the scoring process is simple and fast. Our recommendation is to use the PHQ-9A as a universal screen at the annual well visit, beginning at age 12. It is also appropriate for any visit with a clinical concern, or for mental health follow-ups.

Purpose of Toolkit

This toolkit was developed with collaboration among front-line leaders from Inova Primary Care, Inova Kellar Center, Capital Area Pediatrics and Trusted Doctors. The toolkit standardizes and streamlines depression and suicide screening for patients in Northern Virginia pediatric and family medicine practices. It is designed to make depression and suicide screening easier for providers and assist them in developing treatment plans for their pediatric patients.


The PDF handouts are included for you to use in the office to guide conversations for both providers and families and to give to families to take home. These resources will be kept up to date by Inova Kellar Center staff. The title page is a link to each resource or handout.