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Podiatric Residency Program Frequently Asked Questions

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Is a Clerkship Essential to Attaining a Residency Position?

No. However, all current residents served as clerks prior to their residency. While the clerkship is primarily an educational experience to help students develop academic and clinical skills, the month-long rotation allows attending physicians on the hospital's Residency Training Committee to assess the student's understanding of podiatric medicine and surgery in a variety of situations, rather than being limited to the 30-minute interview at CRIPs. It is highly recommended that interested applicants consider a clerkship if at all feasible.

Do I Have to Be Ranked at the Very Top of My Class to Be Considered?

No. Applicants are selected from the top 25 percent of their class. Experience shows a student must possess strong classroom and clinical skills to function in this program, but other key factors include motivation and clinical and social skills.

What Is the Salary for Residents? (Effective July 2018)

PGY1: $60,571.95
PGY2: $63,157.06
PGY3: $66,478.52

Residents are also given a $1,000 educational stipend each year for conferences, books, etc.

Details on salaries and benefits

Where Do Residents Live?

Residents are not required to live within a specified radius of Inova, but residing within a 15-minute drive is recommended. Residents typically live anywhere from Arlington to Merrifield to Fair Oaks.

What Is the Allotted Vacation?

Each resident is allotted four weeks paid vacation and seven sick leave days each year. Vacation is approved on an individual basis.

What Paid Courses Are Included in Residency Training?

ACLS, ATLS, ACFAS Arthroscopy course, Diabetic Limb Salvage Conference, Baltimore Limb Deformity course