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Direct Address


Direct Address:

  • At hospital discharge or following an office visit, you will receive an SOC document via Direct Address, a unique address that enables communication between EMRs. The SOC is incorporated into your patient’s medical chart in your EMR.
  • If you have not provided your Direct Address to Inova, the SOC will be faxed. Most offices prefer the efficiency of receiving the SOC digitally. If you prefer not to receive large volume faxes, contact Your EMR vendor can help you find your direct address.

More Information:

  • Direct address can be set-up as a unique address for the practice and/or for each provider in the practice.
  • Electronic exchange of SOC documents is a key CMS requirement for promoting interoperability metrics under the Merit-Based Incentive Payment (MIPS).
  • You can reduce faxes from Inova – reducing expenses related to paper, toner, and office staff sorting/scanning key information into the chart.