What is EpicCare Link?

EpicCare Link is a free, enhanced read-only application offering community providers secure, remote access to view their patients' Inova medical record. This includes labs, medications, procedures, radiology imaging, notes, demographics and insurance coverage information.

Who can use EpicCare Link?

Referring physicians and their office staff, staff of a doctor who rounds in Inova hospitals, affiliate billers, post-acute providers, and long-term care facilities. Link users can view and print notes, lab results, imaging studies, encounter reports, and procedure documentation for their patients who are seen by Inova providers.

Note: EpicCare Link is not an EMR solution and cannot be used by clinical staff to document patient information.

  • Email inovalink@inova.org to request access or add users for your practice/facility.
  • Include the name, email, and phone number of the primary contact for the sign up process in your email.

Access for physician office staff and third-party affiliates require the practice to be set up first with EpicCare Link. There are requirements that each practice must complete, as well as forms submitted for each user needing access to EpicCare Link.

Step 1

Office Manager to complete for practice:

  1. Sign EpicCare Link Practice Agreement
  2. Complete Request Form and Task Analysis Form
  3. Identify Authorizing Provider for the Clinic
  4. Epic Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) (if have vendors or third-party affiliates)

Step 2

Each user to complete:

  1. System Access Request Form (SARF)
  2. Online Training (20 minutes)

Step 3 

Each user will receive:

  1. Three emails with Access Instructions

Team Member Access

  • Each team member must log in a minimum of every 60 days or access will be inactivated. A SARF will be required to reactivate the team member.
  • New team members will require a SARF and training – please send an email to inovalink@inova.org for an EpicCare Link team member to assist with submitting the SARF.
  • Each practice should contact us if any team member with EpicCare Link access leaves the practice so that we can inactivate that team member's access – please send an email to inovalink@inova.org for an EpicCare Link team member to assist.