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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

Access To Care Program

Providing Uninsured Children a Link to Appropriate and Affordable Healthcare Services.

The goal of the Partnership for Healthier Kid’s Access to Care program is to identify uninsured children and connect them to an appropriate and affordable source of quality health care services.

How the Access to Care program works:

  • Partnership for Healthier Kids (PHK) provides outreach materials and training to partnering school sites.
  • Schools conduct multi-level outreach.
  • Uninsured children are referred to PHK.
  • PHK provides comprehensive application assistance for Virginia’s FAMIS programs. For children ineligible for state-sponsored health insurance programs, PHK works to connect children to the most appropriate safety net program according to their eligibility.
  • PHK follows up with families, schools and providers to help ensure children sustain enrollment.