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Access To Care Program

Providing uninsured children and adults a link to appropriate and affordable healthcare services.

The goal of the Partnership for Healthier Communities (PHC) Access to Care program is to identify uninsured children and adults and connect them to an appropriate and affordable source of quality healthcare services through programs like Medicaid, CHIP and free or low-cost medical care coverage programs for children and adults.

How PHC Works

  1. OUTREACH: PHC is stationed in the schools and community to identify uninsured children and adults.
  2. SCREENING: Uninsured children and adults receive comprehensive application assistance or receive a comprehensive assessment to find the best option available when they are not Medicaid/FAMIS eligible.
  3. ENROLLMENT/REFERRAL: Once PHC assists a client with an application, PHC will submit, advocate, and provide follow-up to ensure that the application is processed in a timely manner. The Departments of Family and Social Services can rely on PHC to work with the client to provide accurate information.
  4. POST-ENROLLMENT/EDUCATION: A key aspect of our program is post enrollment education. PHC works closely with Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCO’s) to ensure that the client understands and know how to use their benefits once they are approved.
  5. RENEWAL: The model completes itself with the renewal follow-up at about 10 months to avoid a gap in coverage.

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