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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

Nursing at Inova Alexandria Hospital


What Does "Pathway" Designation Mean?

The Pathway to Excellence® designation is the result of Inova Alexandria's ongoing demonstration of six practice standards: Shared Decision Making, Leadership, Safety, Quality, Well-Being and Professional Development. In addition to ensuring that nurses have the foundational elements for safe patient care, Pathway status also ensures a practice environment supporting the delivery of quality nursing care. Among many other examples, our nurses demonstrated their expertise by:

  • Being directly involved in the resolultion of key safety issues.
  • Leading and implementing a quality initiative based on an external and internal benchmarks.
  • Identifying an opportunity for improvement in CLABSIs in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, based on benchmark data.
  • Developing a method for providing an organized, rapid response to address postpartum hemorrhage.
  • Reducing SSIs in Perioperative Services by implementing best practices for patients with healthcare-associated MRSA.

Inova Alexandria Nurses Recieve VNA "40 Under 40" Awards

Three nurses from Inova Alexandria Hospital have received "40 Under 40" awards or honorable mention for 2018!

  • Katherine Eichin, Award Winner
  • Yovaletta Scruggs, Inova Alexandria Hospital
  • Enkh-Ochir Sanz (Honorable Mention)

Congratulations to all the winners from other Inova hospitals. Read more and find all the winners' names here

Inova Alexandria Hospital: Nursing by the Numbers

Statistics from December 2017 compilation

Number of Licensed Beds   318
Number of Registered Nurses   782
Number of New ADVANCE   18
Nursing Excellence Award Winners   6
Daisy Award Winners   7
New Certifications   46
New Degree   5
INE Scholarship Recipient   2
Other Scholarship Recipients   7
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Our Journey to Magnet®

With a nursing staff over 700 strong, Inova Alexandria Hospital plans to achieve the prestigious Magnet® Recognition before its 150th anniversary in 2022. The journey to Magnet designation is a non-reimbursable investment by our dedicated nursing team totaling just over $900,000. The outcomes of successful attainment of Magnet designation will benefit the entire hospital and the community—from physicians to patients

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