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8095 Innovation Park Drive, Fairfax, VA 22031


Primary Team Members

  • Anju Singhal, MD, CF Program Director, Pulmonologist
  • Alan Nyquist, MD, CF Associate Program Director, Pulmonologist¬†
  • Whitney Brown, MD, CF Physician, Senior Director of Clinical Affairs at the CF Foundation
  • Sholet Hampton, RN, CF Program Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Davies-Wellborn, LCSW, CF Social Worker
  • Shannon Spada, RDN, CF Dietician


Respiratory and Physical Therapists

  • Gina Collins, RRT, CF Respiratory Therapist
  • Quyen Duong, RRT, CF Respiratory Therapist
  • Quynh La, RRT, CF Respiratory Therapist
  • Bri O'Berry, DPT, CF Physical Therapist

Inpatient Care Team

Supporting Team Members

  • Steve Nathan, MD, Medical Director of Advanced Lung Disease and Transplant Program
  • Oksana Shlobin, MD, Pulmonologist
  • Jessica Chun, NP, Post Lung Transplant Nurse Practitioner
  • Meg Fregoso, NP, Post Lung Transplant Nurse Practitioner
  • Michelle Schreffler, RN, BSN, Post Lung Transplant Nurse Coordinator
  • Shana Guzman, MSN, RN, Pre Lung Transplant Nurse Coordinator
  • Adam Cochrane, Pharm D, Lung Transplant Pharmacist
  • Sejal Thanna, MD, Infectious Disease Physician