The Inova Adult CF care team provides comprehensive care to adults (18 years and older), spanning the entire disease spectrum – from normal lung function to advanced lung disease and lung transplantation.

Quarterly clinic visits are recommended, with spirometry and respiratory cultures performed at each visit. Patients can participate in the CF Foundation Patient Registry, which informs clinical care and research funding priorities for the CF Foundation each year.

An outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation/exercise program specifically designed for people with CF is also available.

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While most care occurs outside the hospital, inpatient pediatric CF care is provided in the Inova Children’s Hospital Level IV NICU, PICU and pediatric inpatient units.

Outpatient services for children living with CF are provided by the Inova Pediatric CF Care Team at the Pediatric Specialists of Virginia located at 3023 Hamaker Court, Fairfax, VA 22031. View Hours and Directions

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The Inova Cystic Fibrosis Pulmonary Fitness Program is an 8-week outpatient program for people (ages 16+) living with cystic fibrosis. Our skilled respiratory therapists design customized exercise and educational plans to help improve lung function and overall quality of life. Patients will meet with the therapist two times per week for the duration of the program (16 60- to 90-minute visits). Any patient living with cystic fibrosis can participate.

This program is covered by most insurance plans and is available at Inova Fairfax Medical Campus.

To learn more, please call 703-776-8753 or visit our pulmonary rehabilitation page.

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a chronic disease that affects multiple organs in the body. Ninety percent of people living with CF are also diagnosed with pancreatic insufficiency. When the pancreas does not make enough digestive enzymes, it is more difficult for the body to break down and absorb nutrients. Additionally, labored breathing increases the body’s energy requirements. Therefore, nutritional status is critical for people living with CF.

Malnutrition in CF is multifactorial and caused by:

  • High calorie requirements (Sometimes 120 – 150% higher than the general population)
  • Inability to properly absorb food
  • Not having enough food to eat
  • Not eating enough of the right foods

More than 25 percent of people living with CF in the U.S. (and up to 45 percent of those on Medicaid) have food insecurity – a lack of reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious foods.

Through the generous support of donors, our clinic is able to offer patients with food insecurity access to a sustainable food pantry stocked with nutritionally rich foods and grocery store gift cards.

To support this fund, please email, or for more details.

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Adult Program

To schedule an initial appointment or to get more information on our program, please call 703-776-7876 or complete our online form.

Pediatric Program

For new pediatric CF patient appointments, please call 703-876-2788. Established pediatric CF patient should call 703-635-2768.

Referring Physicians

Referring physicians may speak with members of the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program team 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • During business hours, contact our referral coordinator at 703-776-7876.
  • You may also page the physician on call with referral information through the operator at 703-596-1832.