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Fellowships Matches in Our Residency Program

Ghazaleh Rostami Nia matched in a fellowship training program at the University of Chicago, Northshore in female pelvic reconstructive surgery (FPRS).
Aya Khafagy MD, matched in a Pelvic Surgery fellowship training program at the University of Washington, Northwest Hospital, Seattle, WA.

Fellowship Programs

Inova Women’s Hospital, in partnership with Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the Department of Defense, has a four-year ABOG-approved fellowship in gynecologic oncology and a three-year ABOG-approved fellowship in urogynecology. 

Both of these programs are open only to active duty Department of Defense applicants.

Our IFH OB-GYN Department offers a one-year non-accredited fellowship training program in Maternal Fetal Medicine. 
Our intention is to submit an application for ABOG accreditation in the near future.