Through a network of qualified professionals, and a robust Student Life Program, Inova will provide students with the mental health support they need. Students will have access to a toll-free number where student assistance consultants will promptly respond to their request. You will be provided with a personalized website where students can find an abundance of useful resources, articles, links and interactive tools.

Inova Student Assistance will provide the following student resources:

Short-Term Counseling

Help from experienced counselors available face to face, by telephone or online

Life/Career Coaching

Telephone sessions with a trained coach to help students achieve short- and long-term goals

Financial Assistance

Telephone sessions with a financial consultant to better manage elements of fiscal responsibilities

Legal Support

Consultation with attorneys, free of charge (ongoing services may be available at a discount)

Student Life Resource and Referral

Telephone consultation, research and confirmed referrals to assist with managing family responsibilities or daily living

Student Assistance Website

Offers access to all of our services along with resources and information to support your students