Inova Diabetes Services for Your Patients

The Inova Center for Wellness and Metabolic Health can partner with you and your patients for diabetes management. We offer a variety of programs that provide education on many aspects of living with diabetes. We empower people with diabetes to make lifestyle changes necessary to successfully self-manage diabetes and improve their health and quality of life.

The Inova Center for Wellness and Metabolic Health believes in the team management approach to care. Our team of nurses and dietitians will work with you and your patient. Most of our clinical staff are Certified Diabetes Educators (RNs and RDs).

We offer basic and comprehensive educational services for adults and children with type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes. Programs offered include the following:

These Services Require a Written Order Form and Sometimes an Insurance Pre-Authorization:

These Services Require No Physician Order and Cost a Small Fee or Are Free of Charge:

  • Preventing Diabetes Class (2 hour class with optional individual follow-up)
  • Diabetes Support Groups for adults and children

We would be happy to send a referral pad to your office if you contact us. For more information, please call our new centralized phone number 1-877-511-GOAL (4625). We now schedule appointments for our two locations through this number.

We look forward to working with you in the care of your patients with diabetes.