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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042


The Inova Fairfax Interventional Pulmonology team provides state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic options for lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies. We work closely with pathology and oncology to test all genetic markers that may improve the care of our patients.

Director of Interventional Pulmonology

Amit Mahajan, MD

Amit K. Mahajan, MD

A member of Inova Medical Group
The doctors of Inova Medical Group are Inova’s premier primary care and specialty physicians, offering top-notch medical expertise, full access to Inova facilities, and the convenience of integrated electronic medical records.
Specialty: Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care Medicine
Board-certified specialties granted by an ABMS Member Board. Learn more about board certification.
Clinical Interests: Lung Cancer, Lung Problems and Treatment, Minimally Invasive Surgery
Areas of special interest identified by the physician or additional training completed.
Years of Experience: 14

Management Team

Matt Paglia, MBA, BSN, RN, Director, Clinical Specialty
Manju Parne, BS, RRT, CPFT, RYT, Clinical Manager, Interventional Pulmonology

Respiratory Therapy Team

Our Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT) have training in advance respiratory procedures to assist doctors during your interventional procedure at Inova Fairfax Hospital. RRTs receive years of education in airway and lung disease, from assessment and education to recommending treatment methods. Our team of RRTs includes:

Tamela Carroll, RRT, RPFT, Lead Interventional Pulmonology Respiratory Therapist
Bonnie Fairbanks, RRT, CPFT, ACCS, Interventional Pulmonology Respiratory Therapist
Kimberly Pullen, RRT, CPFT, Lead Interventional Pulmonology Respiratory Therapist
Frozan Roshan, BS, RRT, Interventional Pulmonology Respiratory Therapist
Nancy Collar, RRT-NPS, AE-C, ACCS, Lung Navigator
Carmen Moore, MS, FNP-BC, Nurse Practitioner

Respiratory Equipment Technician

Azeb Demise

Nursing Pre-Operative and Post Operative Care Team

Our pre-operative and post-anesthesia care nurses are vital members of our Interventional Pulmonology team. They work closely with your procedural physician, anesthesiologist and respiratory therapist. The nurses will assess you and get you ready for the procedure, as well as care for you as you wake up from anesthesia. They'll monitor your vital signs and prepare you and your family for post procedure care.

Arlene Edejer, BSN, RN
Sunny Jung, BSN, RN, CCRN
Joyce Patel, BSN, RN, PCCN
Maggie Williams, RN

On-Site Cytology Technologist Team

Kathy Webster, CT (ASC), CT (IAC)
Terri Stanford, SCT (ASCP)

Anesthesia Team