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Virtual Visits Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can I expect?

Patients with access to a smartphone, tablet or a computer with a reliable internet connection and a camera and microphone can do a virtual visit. Our Primary Care team offers convenient, personal and comprehensive care to each patient we have the privilege to serve. It's what we do best.

How can I communicate with my team outside of appointments?

Patients can communicate with their Primary Care physician through MyChart. It is a free, easy and secure way to view your personal medical information. MyChart provides you a seamless way to communicate with your Inova healthcare team and have access to your medical records so you can manage your health.

What will I need to participate in virtual visits?

To participate in virtual visits, you will need a smartphone, tablet or a computer with a reliable internet connection and a quiet location to speak.

Specific instructions are available 

How will I be billed for a virtual visit?

The normal billing process will apply to Primary Care virtual visits for both insured and self-pay patients.

Can I do my annual physical exam via virtual visit?

No. Annual physical exams (except Medicare annual wellness visits) require your provider to perform a physical exam which is done during an in-person visit.

I am due to have blood tests and/or vaccines. Can I still schedule a virtual visit?

Yes. You can begin with a consultation with your provider via virtual visit and then come into the clinic for a quick nurse visit for your vaccination or lab work. We offer a full-service lab at each Primary Care location. This will help to minimize the time you spend in the clinic.