Your Visit

Find important information to help you and your loved ones navigate Inova Health System, please refer to our patient website: Patient and Visitor Information

If you require more specific information specific to neuro-ophthalmology, please contact our Inova Neurology Fairfax office: Inova Neurology – Fairfax

Preparing for Your Appointment

Please bring your referral and a copy of your medical records such as any testing e.g. MRIs, blood tests, vision tests, and if you have it and it is pertinent, a record of vision or headache events and symptoms. Please note that we do not conduct a routine eye examine to screen for eyeglasses, contact lenses and/or vision therapy. We will however review records and scans from previous evaluations, if applicable, and make an evaluation which could include additional testing such as a vision field test.

Referring Providers

Patients and referring physicians can contact Inova Neuro-Ophthalmology for more information and diagnosistic consults. Please call 571-472-4200 if you need assistance to connect with our staff.