Ventricular Assist Device (VAD/LVAD) Treatment for Heart Failure

Inova Schar Heart and Vascular is a leader in ventricular assist devices or "VADs" and has earned The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval for exemplary, quality care and service. We run one of the busiest VAD programs in the Mid-Atlantic region to care for patients living with end-stage heart failure and as a bridge for transplant patients waiting for heart transplantation. Many VAD patients do so well they opt to have their name removed from the transplant list.

We also participate in research to develop the newest generation devices and patient management strategies to improve patient outcomes. 

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A ventricular assist device or "VAD," commonly referred to as an "LVAD," is a mechanical pump surgically implanted in the chest to increase the amount of blood per minute pumped by the heart. The device is generally for patients living with end-stage heart failure (congestive heart failure (CHF).

VADs Have Four Essential Components:

  • Pump - surgically attached to the heart
  • External computer or controller - runs the system
  • Power source – batteries and/or a direct connection to an electrical outlet
  • Cable or driveline – connects the internal and external components

VADs treat advanced or end-stage heart failure and can be necessary when medications and other treatments no longer effectively control symptoms. VADs can help cardiac transplantation patients maintain blood flow to vital organs while awaiting a donor heart or serve as a permanent treatment for ineligible transplant patients, offering improved quality of life and increased life expectancy.

Our Team

We offer the only heart failure team in Northern Virginia comprised of cardiologists board certified in advanced heart failure and transplant cardiology, giving them the unique skills and expertise to administer various advanced heart failure treatment options. They care about VADs' technical aspects and the patient experience of living with a VAD.

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