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Inova VIP 360º

Convenient Personal Healthcare, from Every Angle

We’re never too busy to accommodate your busy life.

Healthcare has always been reactive. You suffer symptoms, you see a physician, you receive treatment. But what if there were a better way? A wider view of your overall health. Preventive care that fits your busy schedule. Plenty of individualized attention in an unhurried atmosphere.

That's the thinking behind Inova VIP 360°. It's a high-level, personal service approach to healthcare with a focus on better total health – and all on your schedule. If you want the best preventive care, but don’t have time to waste, Inova VIP 360° might be just what you’re looking for.

What sets Inova VIP 360° apart?

  • A blend of exceptionally trained medical professionals and advanced technology
  • An extensive physical examination and assessment, including appropriate medical tests and screenings
  • Comprehensive, one-on-one care using evidence-based principles and a personalized approach
  • A focus on education and prevention, including fitness, nutrition, sleep and lifestyle education
  • Streamlined access to world-class care with referral assistance, if needed
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Concierge Medicine

The Inova VIP 360° Concierge Medicine Program offers you your own concierge physician and near-immediate access to Inova VIP 360° physicians, plus integrated, world-class care using the most sophisticated technology available. Your physician has ample time to address your concerns, provide prompt follow-ups, and share the latest, evidence-based wellness and health maintenance advice.

Explore Concierge Medicine
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Executive Health

The Inova VIP 360° Executive Health Exam goes beyond a regular physical with an in-depth, half-day health and wellness evaluation that includes personalized health assessments and unique screenings. Each appointment includes tests and procedures that are medically indicated based on age, health history, risk factors and demographics.

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From Our Patients...

"I was once again amazed by Dr. Broderick's combination of medical expertise and human kindness. Very thorough; didn't give me a pass on anything."

– Patient of Dr. Richard Broderick at Inova VIP 360° – Fairfax
View Dr. Broderick's Bio
"I feel Dr. Henry hears and remembers everything I tell her and will stop at nothing to find the best treatments for me. I always feel optimistic after a visit with her."

– Patient of Dr. Madhu Henry at Inova VIP 360° – Fairfax
View Dr. Henry's Bio
"Thorough, comprehensive, compassionate very professional excellent explanations based on current best practices."

– Patient of Dr. Christine Baselga at Inova VIP 360° – Ballston
View Dr. Baselga's Bio
"Very well. Nurse Michelle was extremely personable and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Ambalam was prompt, nonjudgmental, personable, an excellent listener and explained everything so I could understand."

– Patient of Dr. Silva Ambalam at Inova VIP 360° – Ballston
View Dr. Ambalam's Bio
"It was great. Dr. Montalbano always takes the time to answer any questions and concerns and is very thorough."

– Patient of Dr. Foster Montalbano at Inova VIP 360° – Fairfax
View Dr. Montalbano's Bio
"Staff at Inova 360° were as professional as I always expect them to be. Dr. McConnell, as always, is a true physician, a healer. I appreciate his time, effort, and understanding."

– Patient of Dr. John McConnell at Inova VIP 360° – Fairfax
View Dr. McConnell's Bio
"Investing in my health and trusting Dr. Bae was the best decision I've made. There is nothing I would change. My nurse Sheryl is also incredible. Visiting them is visiting friends."

– Patient of Dr. Allison Bae at Inova VIP 360° – Fair Oaks
View Dr. Bae's Bio
"Keep Dr. Lofton there! Don’t let her leave to work elsewhere! She is a super star and certainly the reason I stay."

– Patient of Dr. Sheri Lofton at Inova VIP 360° – Fairfax
View Dr. Lofton's Bio
"She is the BEST doctor I have seen, always professional, very knowledgeable, kind."

Patient of Dr. Sandy Ibrahim at Inova VIP 360° – Fair Oaks
View Dr. Ibrahim's Bio
"Great, very helpful, appreciated the attention to my health. Just really enjoy his expertise and time he spends with me."

– Patient of Dr. Michael Kim at Inova VIP 360° – Lansdowne
View Dr. Kim's Bio
"Great experience and, as always, thorough and not rushed in any way."

– Patient of Dr. James Ditaranto at Inova VIP 360° – Lansdowne
View Dr. Ditaranto's Bio
"I am very happy to have Dr. Horton for my Primary Care physician. She is smart, positive and upbeat. She really listens to me and helps me come up with solutions that work for me. I appreciate her caring and positive approach and good sense of humor."

– Patient of Dr. Camille Horton-Thompson at Inova VIP 360° – Lansdowne
View Dr. Horton-Thompson's Bio
"What an exceptional experience. I was deeply impressed by her physicians assistant as well as Dr. Williams' professionalism, care and deep commitment to my health. I enjoyed how thoughtful the day was structured. They truly thought of everything. The CT tech was exceptionally kind. Very impressed."

– Executive Health Patient of Dr. Williams at Inova VIP 360° – Fairfax
View Dr. Williams' Bio
"Wonderful experience. Thank you for helping take care of my health needs."

– Patient of Dr. Cheifetz at Inova VIP 360° – Fairfax
View Dr. Cheifetz's Bio
"Best physical and follow up I have ever had. Dr. Mishra is one of a kind. Also her nurse was exceptional."

– Patient of Dr. Alita Mishra at Inova VIP 360° – Fairfax
View Dr. Mishra's Bio
"I love everything about Inova VIP 360° and am very pleased with the service. All the physicians and staff are excellent!"

– Patient of Sheila Hautbois, PA-C, Lifestyle Health Coach
View Sheila Hautbois' Bio

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