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older woman receiving wound treatment

Inova Wound Healing Centers

Comprehensive Evaluation and Management of Complex Wounds

Inova is Northern Virginia's Wound Healing Expert

For most people the body naturally heals when it has a wound. But for those who have difficulty healing, specialized treatment may be required. Non-healing wounds can occur for many reasons, including diabetes or other chronic disease, poor circulation, nutritional status or age and body size.

Inova offers comprehensive wound healing centers for the treatment of complex wounds with delays or potential for delay in healing. The expert care and collaboration amongst our centers make Inova the best choice for your care.

We currently offer both in-person and virtual consultations at all four locations. For more information, visit our telemedicine page

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO) is a highly effective, safe treatment option during which 100% oxygen is inhaled for a short period of time in a pressurized chamber. As a part of your overall medical care plan, HBO can help treat a variety of conditions including non-healing wounds for patients with diabetes, chronic radiation injury, compromised grafts and flaps, and 12 other specific conditions.

Available at Inova Mount Vernon and Inova Fair Oaks Hospitals, HBO is covered by insurance to treat 14 FDA approved conditions. Hyperbaric consultations are available in-person and via telemedicine at the Woodburn, Fair Oaks, and Mount Vernon sites. Contact any of our Wound Healing Centers to learn more about our HBO program.

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