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Individuals with diabetes are at especially high risk for chronic wounds, especially on the feet. Circulation issues and a decreased sense of feeling, known as neuropathy, can mask the presence of sores and ulcers.

Left untreated, these wounds can lead to serious problems, including chronic infections, gangrene and amputations of toes or a limb.

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  • 1.5 million people who suffer from chronic wounds have diabetic ulcers
  • 15 percent of all people with diabetes develop chronic wounds
  • People with diabetes have a 15-fold increase in the risk of amputation
  • 60,000 people with diabetes will undergo amputation
  • Half of all people with diabetes have or will develop neuropathy (loss of sensitivity), which can lead to injuries, sores, chronic infections, gangrene or amputations
  • Diabetes-related amputation could be reduced by 50 percent (according to the American Diabetes Association) if patients were tested routinely for neuropathy (decreased sensitivity), educated to prevent injury or complications, and provided related ancillary services

Don't Take a Chance with Your Health

It is vitally important for a physician to assess any foot wound on a person with diabetes as soon as possible. The wound healing experts at Inova Loudoun Hospital are highly experienced in treating and healing chronic wounds for people with diabetes.