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Outpatient Rehabilitation


Outpatient rehabilitation includes three categories of service: acute (during or immediately following hospitalization), sub-acute (short term), and general outpatient services. Check the Rehabilitation Services section of our Web site for more detailed information.

Acute Rehabilitation

Acute rehabilitation following an illness or accident begins in the hospital or in a rehabilitation center once a patient is medically stable. Within this individualized and highly monitored setting, a patient receives several hours of therapy each day, including physical and occupational therapy. Typically a patient spends two to three weeks in acute rehabilitation, followed by sub-acute rehabilitation, home care or outpatient rehabilitation.

Sub-Acute (Short Term) Rehabilitation

Sub-acute rehab is most often provided in one of the skilled nursing facilities located in Northern Virginia. A patient continues his or her rehabilitation and receives skilled nursing care for a period of 2 to 12 weeks, or until a patient is well enough to return home or to move to assisted living or long term care.

General Outpatient Rehabilitation

A patient may need ongoing rehabilitation to fully recover but no longer needs the structure of an acute or sub-acute facility. Outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy is offered at all Inova hospitals and at numerous Inova outpatient centers.